If You Have Not Found This Secret Place Where There Is Safety And Security, The Door Is Still Open

There is a secret hiding place where we are assured of protection, safety and security. Our covering is feathers! How can feathers keep us safe? Ah, it all depend upon whose the feathers are.

We read all about this in Psalm 91 and I have written about this in another article under spirituality.

The writer goes on to explain another aspect of how safe and secure we can be, as he explains how God’s faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

The faithfulness of God will be like a shield to you – like battlements – and you will not fear the foe – you will not fear the terror of the night – nor the arrow that flies by day.

God wants to take from His People all sense of FEAR. Yes, there will be arrows flying against you. Tongues may be wagging. People may be saying things, and perhaps planning to have a go at you. You cannot avoid that at times, but God is saying to us through His Word, “Do not be afraid of them – do not be afraid of these arrows. These very real dangers will be around, but do NOT be afraid of them. I will protect you and guard you.

You can be in the middle of something bad – or serious – or highly dangerous – but because you have decided to dwell in God that thing will NOT touch you.

The Psalmist speaks in verses 7 and 8 of amazing things which we can avoid. Do take time to read the Psalm and to read it carefully so that you have time to receive the blessing God wants to impart.

There may still be times of real trouble. Paul knew that as he served Jesus Christ – imprisonment – the cold – no coat – rejection – people leaving him – people whom he had taught and invested much in, not having the staying power.

We are reminded in verse 9, of the source of all blessings – grace and mercy and forgiveness and love flow from Him to us.

The dwelling here is a tent – such a frail and flimsy covering – but when God is guarding you that is sufficient. No evil will be able to do its filthy work upon us, but that does not mean we will be kept from all affliction and pain and suffering.

Now and again, God allows a little suffering to come across our path – that happens more frequently that we might wish. Suffering can produce a very real, practical, and positive harvest.

We see in verse 11, just how our God wants to guard us. Command or charge is a very strong word. When He calls you to do a job for Him, He will keep you alive until that task is completed. This is why it is so important to keep faithfully on in the way God would have you walk – for as long as we walk according to His Holy Will – we will be guarded day and night.

Should anything go wrong and we cry out in prayer for help – and see how the help arrives and appears. They shall carry you – like a nurse caring for someone who is in danger. At times we can be so vulnerable – and our gracious God is aware of that.

And you will be able to walk and serve where you thought you never could go – not in your own strength. Again the early disciples new that. These were dangerous geographical places for the people living in the wilderness at that time.

Every child of God faces dangers – and has enemies. We see this in the life of Jesus – and in the apostolic ministries of Peter and Paul.

The lion represents open visible danger – and the cobra speaks of that danger waiting in some hiding place, to spring on you, and take you by surprise.

The Word of God prepares us for all eventualities. This is why it is so important to know what is in the Scriptures. Know you Bible. Know what God says in His Word. It pays enormously to do so.

There is a reference to this secret place in the opening words of Colossians Chapter 3. It all depends upon where we set our heart. The guidance is quite clear – set your minds on things above. There is a total security – almost a double security – when we are hidden with Christ in God.

Back in Psalm 91 at verse 14, we learn that when real danger arises, God can rescue you. Those who live in the secret place have a deep affection towards God.

In verses 14 – 16, there are SIX “I WILLS” – what God will do for you as a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is worth studying the Psalm just to beware of the vital “I WILLS”.

Our God is a God Who answers prayer, and we need to know that God will be with us, if as a consequence of serving Him we land up in some kind of trouble.

God wants to honour people – to elevate them – and lift them up.

Many people today are afraid of so many things – the list is almost endless. Fears and worries spoil so many lives.

God wants to give us that security – in so many areas of our lives – mental security – emotional security – financial security – physical security. Consider the amount of money being spent on security systems, all because of fear and all because of sin. Only Jesus Christ can deal with these.

God wants to satisfy those who come to Him, in so many various ways. There are many dissatisfied people going around – people who are upset and disturbed and dissatisfied with their lot in life. Consider what God is offering you through these words.

This is how God deals with all these difficulties and problems which face and confront us. How does He do it? He calls us to come to a place of trust – a place of security – our spiritual home – a place where we can be safe and where we can rest, and find peace – real peace.

All About Emergency and Security Signage

Signage for safety in the work environment is not just a required necessity under different regulations, but also a significant accident-avoidance instrument that ensures protection with your workforce. Safety signs, warning labels and tags must be used in the workplace. These always serve as essential features and high-necessity ventures in terms of designing and planning a spot for people’s work.

It is basic for companies to put resources in clear and coherent signage investments. Some regulations oblige company owners to introduce safety signage at whatever point and wherever there may be a hazard that can’t be relieved by some other alternatives. It is just in light of a legitimate concern for the business to give the first line of protection against any accidents. These untoward happenings will surely affect the over-all health of the company and its employees.

One of the basic segments of a security compliance in a workplace is the use of medical or first-aid signs. These are effective, inexpensive and relevant to deploy. Security publications strengthen the management’s dedication to safety and protection. They serve as the essential data dissemination methods with the end goal of making the workers and labourers mindful of the medical aid strategies and guidelines. In times of emergency, these posters additionally serve as a helpful device as employees can instantly refer to the closest medical aid signage.

Furthermore, blurbs are a vital expansion of the stock of workplace signage delineating the medical aid movements performed during emergency circumstances. The format of the publication ought to be comprehensible and that the viewer can easily find the most relevant data with the slightest effort. Emergency and security signs are crucial for averting dangers and handling difficult circumstances. There are possibilities that unsafe circumstances and spots may not be detected easily, that is why obvious emergency and security signs are a great help because they can give alert to employees directly.

Emergency and security signs are really the most efficient modes of correspondences between company owners and workers, exhibiting properly planned emergency and security signs data. Potential risks could be held with the right data imparted to the right men at the most relevant time. Publications may help the administration of a company to convey extraordinary reactions about untoward events and they can also introduce a high level order without the presence of company directors. Indubitably, in larger facilities, signs can make employees alert on any emergency and security issues.

Safety and Security With Home Alarms

The whole family can feel safe when a home alarm is installed in a house. Home alarms can protect a single object in a home, a certain area of a house, or the whole property. Alarms typically come in two types, either perimeter or area.

Different types of alarms do different things. An alarm can tell if there is a fire in a house, or if there is a high level of carbon monoxide. Some alarms do both. Other alarms are purely to deter burglars and people trying to invade a home. Alarm systems can be monitored by a central system that keeps track of how many pets are in a home or what a house’s floor plan might be.

There are many reasons for getting a house alarm installed. Many people like to collect things of value. Others keep irreplaceable things in their home that need protection. Sometimes people spend long periods away from their home, leaving it unprotected. Or a home might be in a remote area that is difficult for neighbors to monitor. All of these are good reasons for getting home alarms installed.

Perimeter alarms are a very typical type of alarm system. They are generally connected to the windows and doors of a home and any other entryways. With a magnetic contact, a vibration detector or a strip of special foil tape, the alarm is triggered once the intruder breaks the seal. There are also small round discs that can be placed in the corners of window frames that are able to detect the sound waves and vibrations of a window breaking.

Area alarms protect an area of the home. This can be a portion of a room or a hallway. Sophisticated electronic sensors sweep their beams along the area to be protected, typically an area that an intruder will have to pass through. They will respond to changes in light or pressure, temperature, even sound or movement.

Area alarms come in different types. Some use photoelectric eyes that respond to a beam of light being interrupted as an intruder passes through. Infrared detectors will notice changes in body heat while others will use microwaves to detect motion. Generally for area protecting home alarms, a beam or wave or such will need to fill a room or cut through an area that must be passed through by a burglar.

Detection alarms are intended to trigger a noise that is loud enough to scare off burglars and other dangerous intruders. It’s also good to have alarms that turn the lights on, indoors and out. This will make your house more noticeable to neighbors and the police, while lighting up areas that would be ideal for a burglar to hide.

Homes can be protected without using expensive home alarms as well. Good quality windows and doors can help prevent someone from breaking in, and proper exterior lighting can make an intruder think twice. A home that doesn’t stand out from the ones around it is also safer. If you are going to choose one of the many home alarms available, consider getting one that is monitored for extra protection.