Office File Cabinet – Safety and Security Features to Consider

There are a lot of considerations in choosing an office file cabinet. The most common concerns revolve around storage capacity and design. After all, a filing cabinet’s main function is to store your files. A secondary function is to create a good visual impression. You should however be also concerned about a cabinet’s ability to keep documents secure and to keep you safe while you use it.

There is one common way for all filing cabinets to keep files secure. Most cabinets are fitted with locks. Different brands however have different kinds of locks. A filing cabinet can have a single lock to secure all drawers at one time. You can also alternatively choose an office file cabinet with only a single lock for a single drawer. Obviously the most secure choice is a cabinet with a single lock that controls multiple drawers. This is only a good option though if you have a lot of confidential documents. Otherwise, you may only be paying extra for a security feature you may not need.

User safety is a second concern that is sometimes missed. The most important related issue is cabinet tipping. Some cabinet models tend to tip when a top drawer is too heavy. Other models may also tip when multiple drawers are opened at the same time. Important features to prevent this from happening are an interlock system that prevents multiple drawers from opening and a built in counterweight to balance top heavy drawers.

There’s definitely a lot to think about in picking an office file cabinet. As a wise buyer, you should put equal weight on safety and security.