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Panic Bars Offer Safety and Security

In the early 1900s, the panic bar was invented to prevent people from being trapped inside a building during a fire. Panic bars are now a required safety feature in all commercial buildings. Modern panic bars can be used on fire doors, time-delayed doors, and delayed exit systems. Mechanical and electric exit devices offer superb security and safety.

A basic, mechanical panic bar can be installed on fire exit doors or any door that needs the security of being locked on the outside but able to open from the inside. For example, back doors of offices, warehouses and retail business may opt for this type of locking mechanism. The best panic bars meet ANSI A156.3 – 2001 Grade 1 criteria. For the greatest security, choose panic bars that offer more than 2,000 pounds of static load force resistance. This prevents intruders from pulling or prying the door open from the outside.

Electric panic bars can be tied into a fire alarm system to automatically unlock when the alarm is tripped. In addition, some models can be programmed to trip the alarm system when they are pushed open from the inside. Typically, these types of panic bars are used on buildings with high occupancy levels that utilize a fully featured fire and security alarm system. Another function of electric panic bars is to control exit through a delayed exit system. These mechanisms allow security personnel to monitor access to and from the facility.

On new construction, door frames can be designed to accommodate the installation of the newest panic bar designs that include a more secure double latch mechanism and technology that makes bar operation quieter and smoother. When retro-fitting existing doors, look for panic bars that easily install in the existing panic bar footprint without having to do expensive door preparation.

The final consideration in selecting and installing panic bars is what type of trim to use on the exterior of the door. If the door is not intended as an entrance, then no trim is necessary or you may choose to install a night latch that includes a key lock with or without a handle. Other options include a dummy handle, a handle with a thumb latch and key lock, or a lever handle with a key lock. Panic bars can be designed to lock on the inside either with a hex key or a cylinder lock. Electric models often do not include an interior mechanical locking option and can only be locked and unlocked through the security system. Expect to pay $600 and up for quality panic bars; electric options raise the cost to $1000 and up.

Do Not Choose to Remain Lost When You Can Be Found and Forgiven and Know That Safety and Security

By the time you read this the World Cup soccer and football competition in South Africa will be over for another four years. The Jules Rimet trophy will be won and the victorious side will have celebrated.

Do you remember when the Jules Rimet trophy was lost? Imagine losing such a trophy!

I remember quite clearly what happened. I was at Edinburgh University studying theology and playing hockey and soccer regularly for the College team. We won the University Championships that season.

There was much anxiety and frustration as those in authority searched frantically for the lost trophy. The World Cup was eventually found by a dog named Pickles!

Writing as a Christian and a disciple of Jesus Christ, I have studied well what the Bible has to say about being lost and found. We are like that lost trophy in a very real sense. The trophy was designed and shaped and fashioned for a particular purpose and when it was lost it was fairly useless. Wherever it was lying, it certainly was not serving the goal for which it was created.

We are created by Almighty God and he made us for a special purpose, but shortly after Creation everything went terribly wrong as man disobeyed and rebelled. All that was good and very good fell and still remains sinfully fallen.

We were made to live with God and to enjoy Him. The old Shorter Catechism, seldom referred to these days, explains this fully.

If we do not live according the Maker’s handbook we will soon end up in terrible trouble and in one awful mess.

Considering what we have experienced over these past tow or three years with corruption and bad management and greed and selfishness, we soon see that there is something very seriously amiss. This was not what God intended and planned when he created man.

Jesus Christ spoke about a lost sheep and a lost coin and two lost men. When the sheep and the coin were found there was great rejoicing, but even when one of the men was found there were complications. The other lost man was not interested and really did not want to know. All this is so very strange.

Jesus Christ came to find those were slot and who are lost. When he finds us it is then that we can have a real close intimate relationship with our living and loving God. There is no other way.

Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. In God’s eyes, you are of great worth and certainly much more value than a mere gold trophy.

Jesus comes looking for you. Don’t hide. Don’t run away. Sort things out and get all the messes and sadnesses cleaned up and resolved, and don’t delay or prevaricate.

Don’t remain lost when Jesus Christ has come to look for you and find you and give you that forgiveness and assurance and security which He and He alone can give.

Imagine choosing to remain lost, when you can be found and safe.

There is an enemy of Almighty God who would wish you to put things off until some more convenient moment which may never come.

Install Intercom Systems for Your Safety and Convenience

Intercom systems are used within the confines of a single building or a group of buildings within a particular area for effective communication. They are not depended on the cellular service or other telephone services in the area. They installed so that the people residing or working in that area or building do not have to depend on other services in times of emergency. They are also a huge help when it comes to communication over speakers or walkie-talkies as they can be connect.. Most people imply do not install them because they fail to appreciate the number of uses and places where they can be used. Here is how you can use them to the fullest.

Places where Intercoms can be Installed: Intercom systems can be installed just about anywhere and in any kind of building. They are used in schools, offices, residential complexes, industrial sites, factories etc. Intercom systems installed by using the wireless sets. They are especially advantageous where lots of intricate wiring has already been done and there are other potential hazards, like in big factories. The modern devices also come with video loaded facilities so that you can actually see the person you are communicating with on the other side. This of course provides added safety and security.

How are Intercoms Helpful: It gives you the chance to put across your message instantly. And they are especially good for emergency. Suppose you are anticipating a theft on your 20th floor apartment and your cellular service is down so you cannot contact the police. With the help of them you can contact the security service of your apartment in the basement and they will send instant help. Not to mention the time it saves for the help to arrive.

Moreover, the costs of installing intercom systems are extremely affordable as now they are used by all. It is hence, advisable to install a system in your own building if you have not already and lead a more secure life with your family.