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Utilising Visitor Passes for the Purpose of Security and Safety and Effectiveness

Whether you manage a business, a school or a local community centre, being aware of who is in your premises, and why they are there, is very important. It is a question of accountability, and basic safety and security, and trustworthy organisations know being able to accurately identify site visitors is critical.

Visitor passes are the most obvious answer to this situation, so how are they best implemented, and what choices are available?

So why Use Visitor Passes

For any business, it is crucial to be able to identify whether individuals in the building are sanctioned to be there. With no kind of immediately apparent id, members of staff may be placed in the tricky position of challenging people they don’t recognize. This could quite possibly also result in embarrassing faux pas where important visitors like bank executives or purchasers are questioned and made to explain their presence. This won’t enamour them to your business enterprise!

Using a process of easily noticeable visitor passes, members of staff can see in no time whether somebody has authorisation to be on the property. Besides, the pass itself can supply crucial information pertaining to the point of a visit, and can really help should there have to be an emergency evacuation.

How to Use Visitor Passes

Each and every visitor who arrives at reception should promptly be supplied with a Visitor Pass. The data on the Pass needs to be connected with up-to-date information held centrally. In addition, an organisation may want to issue Visitor Passes to vehicles coming into the property, to always be entirely clear whether they’re sanctioned to be there.

What Solutions Are Offered?

While some companies hand out basic passes with the word “Visitor” on them, however these are not sufficient nowadays given the security and safe practices considerations faced by today’s organisations. They are very easily faked and don’t have any affiliated computer reports.

Individualised ID cards, attached to a person’s clothes, offer adequate and verifiable details about a visitor. They are also customisable, which means they can carry the business logo or corporate design and style of the company or agency. Together with plainly distinguishing a person as a visitor, they’re able to also carry details like the visitor’s name, the date, time frame and objective of the visit, and a photograph of the visitor, for maximum security and safety.

ID wristbands are increasing in level of popularity as well. Now not limited to the hospital wards, security and safety wrist bands are easy to spot, and similar to clip-on ID cards, can be bespoke to contain logos, colour schemes or relevant information and facts.

Having the capability to recognise, right away, who somebody is, which company they’ve come from, plus where they are authorised to be, delivers innumerable added benefits to the organisation and the visitor. From the angle of the organisation health and safety considerations, problems like theft, and counterfeit usage of universal Visitor IDs are very much decreased when appropriate, effective and up-to-date Visitor Passes systems are in place. For the visitor, there is the reassurance that they’re in a building in which these concerns are taken seriously. If they get lost, or not know where they’re meant to be, a staff member can view their Visitor Pass and easily take care of the situation, because all that data can be identified easily and promptly.

Prevention As the Most Important Task for Security Guards and Security Companies

The main responsibility of security guards is to observe, report and interdict, but what is often forgotten is that security officers are responsible for preventing crime from happening. An effective officer will be visible, because he is frequently patrolling the site he is responsible for. He will be vigilant of potential risk factors like suspicious individuals, suspicious behavior and people out of place. If a criminal observes a vigilant security officer that is constantly patrolling it is more than likely that he will move on and choose an easier target. Many security companies dress their security officers in black uniform to make sure that they are less visible at night. The opposite should be occurring. A guard is not a police officer whose main concern should be to catch criminals, but his main concern should be the safety and security of the site he is responsible for.

If a security guard is more visible he will not only deter potential perpetrators, but honest people will have easier access to him in order to warn him about suspicious activity and to seek his help. A security company should choose a uniform that is easily visible even in the dark and it should ensure that officers are not only sitting in one spot, but frequently patrolling. The detox system is one very important tool to make sure that guards are patrolling sensitive spots of the property, are active and visible. The detox system consists of two parts. A wand records information like time and location and magnetic strips that are installed at sensitive spots of the property. As the security officer swiped the magnetic strips with the wand, time and location are recorded. When a field supervisor visits the site he will download the data and will be able to determine if the officer has been frequently patrolling the site.

A security company should also provide a lot of signage to clients, which should state the security company’s phone number and a warning to potential perpetrators that a security guard is patrolling the site. That will not only deter criminal behavior, but it will give witnesses and honest citizens the opportunity to warn the security company about suspicious people and behavior. A marked vehicle with amber lights should be provided to larger sites, because it increases the action radius of the officer and increases his visibility. Additionally the guard will be able to respond to emergencies and incidents much quicker.

Many security companies and clients hold the antiquated opinion that a security officer should act as invisible as possible and appear at the perfectly right time to catch criminals. Unfortunately security guards today are covering vast areas and it is more than likely that they will not be present when a crime occurs. Therefore it is most important to make security officers as visible as possible. Potential perpetrators will rather choose a different location without a guard present. Preventing a crime is better than actually catching a criminal in the act, because the liability and potential for harm of preventing a crime before it happens is much lower. Modern and effective security officers must be as visible as possible.

What Is True Safety and Security?

What happens when we yearn for change and growth in our lives, and suddenly, we are presented with the opportunity for which we have longed? If you are like me, an inner part of you responds with an excited “Yes, yes, yes!” Then fear kicks in, and your mind starts its flurry of all the reasons why you should retreat and stay where all is known – its version of safe and secure.

About three months ago, I responded to a job opening that would provide the opportunity I had yearned for to stretch and grow professionally. It was the same position that I had talked myself out of applying for a year previously. At that time, I had felt the same excitement about the possibilities that this position presented. I had even queried the director about the position, and then, I talked myself out of it. Initially, that decision felt safe and secure, but it wasn’t long before I regretted my decision to pull back. I had played it safe, or safe as my mind perceived it, and I had missed an opportunity to respond to my inner calling and to spread my wings.

It was almost a year later that the same position was posted, and this time there was not one opening but two. I sensed that I was being given another opportunity, and that if I didn’t take advantage of it this time, the opportunity might not come again. Knowing my tendency to self-sabotage, I told my daughter and a dear friend about the position and my intention to apply so that they could help to hold me accountable to my oft-expressed desire to stretch and grow.

The result of that application was a job offer. In the moment that I said yes, the wheels were set in motion for a momentous life change – not only a job change, but a physical move as well – and an opportunity to put into practice all that I have learned on my path to spiritual awareness. It soon became clear that I didn’t recognize the opportunity at first.

As I moved into the first days and weeks of this transition, it felt like I was in the midst of an inner battle. I know that the word “battle” sounds melodramatic and overstated, but that is how it felt. As much as I had yearned for just such an opportunity, in the moment that I said yes, the floodgates to all my fears and insecurities about moving into the unknown opened. Wave after wave of intense fear rose in me. All of the pain of previous moves that had been motivated by heartbreak and the need to get out of unhealthy living situations clutched at my heart again. It seemed to me that I had to push through the wall of fear that rose again and again within me, or it would keep me small and limited. If I wanted to live freely and follow my soul’s calling, I had to ride out what felt like an inner battle between expansion and the inner freedom to be all that I can be versus contraction and self-limiting beliefs. As I struggled to function in the midst of all this inner contraction, the arrangements for my move kept falling into place… in spite of me. Everywhere I turned, there were people to guide me and to support each step that I took. Even as emotions overwhelmed me again and again, I received reassurance and affirmations from every direction. It seemed that as soon as I said yes, the Universe took over and guided my every step.

I began to note messages of support for change in the daily quotes and inspirational messages that I receive. My daily readings from A Course in Miracles helped to ground me in reflection and prayer as I started my day, but I struggled to maintain my inner knowing through the day. I knew that I needed help, and I cried out to Holy Spirit to guide me through this inner challenge. It was then that I was called back to the untethered soul by Michael A. Singer. As I re-immersed myself in his writing, I realized that it wasn’t an inner battle that I was experiencing; it was a releasing and cleansing of fears, self-limiting beliefs, and old pain that I had locked down within me for years. I didn’t have to fight with or through these intense contractions; I didn’t need to get drawn into the pull of their powerful energy. All I had to do was to be the one who observed the recurring waves of emotional pain that rose within me. In the moment that I felt inner contraction, I had to make a conscious decision to get centred within my soul and observe the rising energy. I realized very quickly that when I took the observer role, that old pain hurt but it released and passed. When I fed into it, it strengthened and took me over.

This became my practice: notice the inner contraction in the moment it began, observe it, and allow it to release. Every time it happened, I repeated over and over to myself “I AM.” Those two words grounded me in my true identity in the face of limitations imposed by old beliefs and conditioning. Several weeks into this period of transition, I am here to tell you that the practice works. The fear and pain continue to rise within me, but the intensity and frequency have dissipated considerably. With each painful memory that rises, with each fear that attempts to limit me, I recognize and celebrate the cleansing that is occurring. This is my path to true inner freedom. It is not a battlefield nor is it something that I have to try to push through. I just have to observe, release, and allow the purging of all that serves to limit and hold me back. I just have to get out of my head and out of the way.

I am learning to watch my fears that rise and rise again. I am realizing that they come and they go, and I am still here, the watcher, the one who notices the fear and anxiety, and the one who remains as they pass. I am being called to live what I have come to understand… to rest in what is true safety and security – my soul, my consciousness, my inner Self, my inner awareness, God within me – the name matters not… only the deep peace and knowing that is truly me.

May you find the true safety and security that is within you and that connects all of us. Open into the I AM that we are and experience the knowing that all is well and that we are Divinely guided always. Namaste, my dears!:)