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Personal Computer Monitoring For Safety and Security

Personal computer monitoring needs to be done for many reasons. Perhaps you run a business and you have many employees to deal with. You need to see to it that your workers are actually working and not playing casino games, running their own online business on your paid time, or worse… that they are not “fixing” accounts to their own ends, doctoring figures to embezzle funds or getting into your clients’ personal financial files. But of course, there are other reasons as well…

Another reason for personal computer monitoring can be if you suspect your partner of cheating on you. Suspicion just simply isn’t enough – you need valid and concrete proof. You need to be able to confront your cheating spouse with recorded files of instant messages and keystrokes typed and such. In order to get this evidence, you need it all recorded invisibly and logged onto secret hidden files, then sent secretly to your own personal e-mail address for you to open, peruse and playback the activity recordings.

One more reason for personal computer monitoring, and perhaps the most important, is for the protection of your children. We need to keep our children safe from pedophilic predators who guise themselves as “friends” their own age who “share” their interests. The internet is a paradise for these types, because there is so many exceedingly simple and easy ways to keep one’s true identity cloaked while gaining more and more personal information on anyone through trust. Thee whole world isn’t sick and disgusting, but a large enough part of it is, and can easily slither into your life through the internet. Protect your children by monitoring computer activity.

Safety and Security of Your Car While You Are Away on Holiday

For many people flying abroad on business or holiday travelling to the airport by car is the preferred option whether they are going away for a couple of weeks or just for a few days. Bearing in mind that your car is probably the second most valuable item after your house, choosing a secure car park is for your peace of mind is very important.

The two things, which most concern car owners, are possible theft or damage to their vehicle while they are away.

Taking damage first

For the past month in the UK snow and ice has caused many accidents on the roads but on top of this, many people have returned to their cars after being to work or shopping to find their car damaged and the perpetrator has just vanished leaving them with a hefty bill.

Unfortunately, there does not have to be snow or ice on the ground for this to happen at a busy airport. Some people are just simply poor at parking and some others quite frankly are not bothered. The person who parks badly may not even directly cause the bump but by not parking centrally between the parking lines cars to one side will see the gap between themselves and the next car narrow and it only needs someone to open a car door without thinking and bang, someone has got a nasty dint. Will this car owner leave a note or move their car and park elsewhere.

If your car were damaged in this way, it would be near impossible to find the culprit unless you were lucky enough to get the culprit on camera and if you have been away some time the chances get even slimmer because it is unlikely that the authorities would be willing to trawl through hours of closed circuit television.

This having been said all airport car parks are very well lit and clearly signed and damage only happens to a very small percentage.


When parking at the airport you simply turn up at the airport and insert your entry ticket to gain access and insert your paid ticket into the machine on the way out. There is no security involved in identifying you as the owner of that car.

One of many scams used by thieves would be to steal a car and take it to the airport and then break into the car they had already identified and just pay for the stay on the car they had already stolen and leave the car park like any ordinary traveller. Once again these thieves rely on the vastness of airport car parks and their skill at breaking into cars without causing suspicion is well documented.

Off airport Car Parks

When you arrive at an off airport car park you will be met at closed gates or barrier and directed to a drop off zone. You will then be asked to take your car keys to reception where your return flight details will be confirmed and be given a ticket for identification and instructions for your pick up details upon your return. These will ask you to ring either before or after getting your luggage and indicate where outside of arrivals you will be met.

From here your car will be parked by car park staff and upon your day of arrival moved to an area close to reception for you to collect having first taken your ticket back to reception to collect your keys.

Under this scenario the car park know exactly the day, time and flight you are returning as the first part in identification and secondly you have to hand in your ticket before you will be able to get your keys.

With regard to accidents your car will be the responsibility of the car park and subject to a quick check over before they move your car. The advantage of an off airport car park is you know who to challenge for any damage to your car whereby at an airport it could be anybody.

Baby Walker Safety and Alternatives

So your baby is becoming more mobile and you want to help her enjoy the newfound freedom and are considering a baby walker. However, you have heard that they are not safe and wonder what the fuss is and if it’s really that big of a deal and if it is are there any alternatives? As a parent of children any age it is always best to be informed and make an educated decision based on that knowledge. So what is the big deal with baby walkers anyway?

Simply put most parents do not understand the potential issues until it is too late. Take into consideration some of the more common issues surrounding them. First, more injuries happen to babies in walkers than with any other child toy period and these injuries can be life threatening. Canada banned baby walkers because injuries were starting to mount; this ban included the sell through all outlets, including flea markets and garage sales, and the import from any country including the United States.

There are many injuries suffered, but the two most common are falling and burns. Many parents feel that those injuries happen to careless parents that just don’t monitor their children closely. However, that is not the case. Children become mobile quickly and can enter and exit a room with just a small distraction on your part. A cup of coffee pulled down by a baby can scald and cause scaring and falling over and hitting their face on a brick fireplace can cause damage too. In Canada they have noticed a significant decline in dental work from young children in the baby walker age range since the ban went into law.

So what do you do? Are there options out there for you to consider? A great replacement is a stationary activity center, it provides your child an area to play, learn, be active and stay safe. What it doesn’t give you is the mobility, which most medical professionals actually believe hinder the progress and development of your child and may actually slow walking.

Either way, with a baby walker or stationary activity center it’s important to know that they should not be used as a babysitter. Have your child spend no more than 20 minutes in one at any time. The safety and security of your child is more important than the enjoyment they receive from a baby walker.