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Self-Defense-Develop A Strategy For Your Personal Safety And Security

Self-defense products have become a mainstay in the personal security, personal safety and female self-defense world. Women especially need these products to help level the playing field because they are assaulted so much more often than men. As reliable as these products are and as good as they are at providing that personal security and personal safety, we also recommend that women and men develop a self-defense strategy.

We have always maintained that school-aged children should be taught the basics of self-defense at an early age, and then practiced throughout their school years so that young girls especially become proficient in learning how to defend themselves. Many sexual assaults on young women might be avoided with some well executed self-defense maneuvers.

A good self-defense training DVD can teach anyone the basics of self-defense in the comfort of their own home. Using a DVD with or without a friend to practice with, you can learn from world-class instructors at your own pace. We also believe that learning self-defense techniques together as a family is a great way to build bonds that will last forever.

So learn the basics of self-defense techniques with a training DVD. Then decide which self-defense weapon you want to use. They are all effective, but they have shortcomings too.

Many women do not like the idea of having to physically apply a stun device to an assailant. They don’t want to get that close to him if they can help it, however that is required to make a stun device work. It has to be physically held for 3 to 5 seconds against the assailant’s body.

Stun devices do not work on assailants who are drunk or high on drugs and that describes a lot of sexual perverts who need that external stimuli to do their crime.

Pepper sprays can be used from a distance usually of 8 to 10 feet-sometimes more. But wind, even a slight breeze, can blow pepper spray off course.

Choose your self-defense weapon carefully. Then read and follow the included instructions. You can even get training from your local police department if they have the time availability.

Now comes the most important part-practice! You learn self-defense techniques, you have chosen a self-defense weapon, now practice with both and run through different scenarios that may occur in your life. When the time comes to use the techniques and your self-defense weapon, you don’t want to be wondering how to fire your stun gun or your pepper spray.

A few seconds lost at the outset of a confrontation could put you in serious jeopardy.

From the Safety and Security of the Hands of Almighty God it is Possible For a Man to Jump!

There are times when we are faced with a fundamental question to which we really need a satisfactory answer and we meet that here in no uncertain terms. The people are asking, “If you are the Christ, tell us plainly.”

If Jesus Christ had said “Yes” to their request, it would have been true, but it would have been tragic.

Jesus would have been acclaimed as some kind of political leader, but the wrong kind of Messiah. These people wanted to be free from Rome. Jesus wanted them to be free from sin. That can be the very same today.

If you turn to John Chapter 10 in the New Testament you can read all about this sudden confrontation which arose. Do take time to read the scriptural text. That is always so very important. Find out what God says in His Holy Word.

Jesus Christ went on to teach and explain that over the years he had told them, but the problem was not in his speaking but in their listening. Then, he pointed them to the miracles. Is that not sufficient? Do you need more, and if so, then what more can I say?

He then explains that the people did not believe because they were not his sheep.

Why is it that God’s Word can be preached and taught and explained, and some people will receive so much out of it and others will get virtually nothing and perhaps even become enraged and angry?

Here is the answer to that question that can be a real dilemma to some folks. There will be little response to the preaching and teaching of the Word of God where there is no real desire for a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Saviour and Lord and King.

There can come a time when we have to say to people, “Is Jesus Christ Lord in your life, or are you planning to something of which he disapproves?” An honest answer to that question can resolve many issues that might baffle people.

Those are his listen to his voice and he knows them and they know him. They follow and Jesus gives them eternal life. Do read this section most carefully because he takes it to a deeper dimension than those asking the questions were willing to go. Jesus frequently does this.

He speaks about those who are in his hand and he makes it clear that they will never perish and no one will ever snatch them out of his hand. They are safe and they are secure.

But, it is just possible that a man may decide to jump out of that safety and security. Over these past years I have witnessed that happen on various occasions and it is tragic.

Sandy Shaw

Dial A Nurse Programs Furnish Safety and Security

You will love the lower rates you have for medical services with a discount medical card, but another valued part of the card is the Dial A Nurse program for your home.

No one knows what might befall them, which could put them in a position to need a Dial A Nurse program. A great number of situations can take place leaving you or a family member in need of nursing care. The discount medial card can be set up to cover both you and your loved ones.

Another of the positive aspects of this program is the 24 hour nurse line. You’ll never have to worry about when the need arises because someone is always there to provide necessary medical care.

Complete Coverage

Some call-in programs are specific about what kind of questions you might ask, but Dial A Nurse covers almost any medical problem you might have. If you or a family member needs long-term medical assistance or need answers to important queries, you should consider this program. Even if the time comes when there is an emergency, you can get immediate assistance at your home.

A discount medical card holder can enter information for their health profile that is placed on file and reviewed by Dial A Nurse personnel. Anytime that a need arises, important information is available that can save time in an emergency.

It is expensive to have a live-in nurse on the clock all the time. You can call the Dial A Nurse program without requesting a nursing professional to come to your home. The 24 hour nurse line makes it possible to get assistance without having to pay large sums of money.

This service is designed for individuals to care for themselves by utilizing information gained from qualified professionals. This is what most callers are able to do because only a few conditions require the intervention by a nurse or doctor. Self treatment is the easiest thing many times when a person knows what they should do.

You can remain self sufficient through many trying situations if can receive needed medical advice in a timely manner.

A Live Phone Conversation

You have a choice in whether to speak with an automated answering machine or a live human. Live sessions must be set up in advance so that you will talk with the person best able to give you the answers you need. The automated response works well for some things, but it may be lacking in some areas that require more pinpoint answers.

Whatever your question or concern, the people you speak with will be friendly and comforting, no matter what your request might be. Each employee is practiced in many health needs and is entirely capable of guiding you through any situation that arises.

Those who do not communicate well with people they don’t know will be able to still get help through the many audio files and libraries online. The holders of discount medical cards are able to hear over 1,100 prerecorded texts on many subjects, or they can look to reference materials or reports that are relevant to their condition or problem.

You will sleep better and feel more confident by protecting all the members of your family with a discount medical card.