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Exterior Wall Sconces – Charm, Safety and Security

Whether you have an old house or new, there are always things that you can do to enhance the look and charm inside and out. One of those things is adding Exterior Wall Sconces; it’s easy to do, affordable and can serve a couple purposes.

First purpose, of course, is to add some highlights to your home. It will help it stand out and give it just a touch of beauty that can go a long way. There is nothing that looks better than subtle lighting highlights at strategic points of a home’s exterior.

They can be added around the entrance or along walk ways around the house. They can be added to accent various features of your home and bring attention to them. Let’s say you have an archway going up to your door. A couple of sconce positioned on each side can accent that archway and really make it look nice!

Another thing that a sconce can do outdoors is provide some extra security. You may have a safe neighborhood or you may not, but if you have additional lighting around the exterior of the home, that can make you feel a lot better walking around at night.

Again, highlight those pathways. Light up areas that normally would be really dark. And usually sconce provide a very soft light. So we’re not talking about lighting up the entire yard with a flood light. Just a little light so you can see where you are going and what’s around you.

If you have been considering investing in sconce, those two things (adding highlights to your exterior and the added benefit of security) can make a big difference!

They are also very affordable. Like most things depending on the style and brand you can pay more or less, but you can certainly add a few to your exterior and stay within your budget.

Safety And Security With Advanced Smoke Detectors

Deaths from fire burns are amongst the most common unintentional tragedies all across the globe. With so much advancement in technology, we have been introduced to several devices and phenomenon that help to prevent such accidental happenings. Advanced smoke detector is one such device that not only senses or detects the smoke / heat / fire but also alerts people with a loud electronic horn.

Today, the market seems to be dotted with countless smoke detectors and fire alarm panels. Smoke detector manufacturers club these devices with hi-tech sprinklers that shower heavy flow of water immediately on the zone where there is a fire. With a heavy use of these fire alarm panels or smoke detectors, the injuries and deaths from fire have been reduced up to a large extent.

Most Common Types of Smoke Detectors Generally, you will come across two types of smoke detectors in the market:

Photoelectric Detectors

As the name suggests, these detectors work on a phenomenon based on the laser lighting. The device is designed in a way that triggers a bell every time whenever it is unable to ‘see’ the laser light. This means, if there is a fire of smoke near the detector, it will distract the path of light coming towards the sensor. And the very next moment, you hear the alarm indicating smoke or fire.

You can see the similar detectors in the threshold of the entry of any shopping mall or store. The laser light is fitted on one end and the photo-detector on the other. Whenever you pass through the threshold, the light gets blocked for a moment and the detector triggers a bell.

Ionization Detectors

Ionization detector is the most advanced type of smoke detection device that is based on the phenomenon of ionizing radiation. The best part with this detector lies in the fact that it is cheaper in cost and is capable of detecting even a smaller amount of smoke or heat. The device is clubbed with an ionizing chamber with two plates (designed to attract positively charges oxygen & nitrogen and negatively charged electrons).

Whenever there is smoke or fire, the smoke particles attach to the ions, due to which the current between both the plates gets dropped. This simple phenomenon triggers the alarm.

Though both types of smoke detectors are effective and popular among people but the ionizing detectors are designed to respond more quickly in comparison to the photoelectric detectors. You may choose any of them for your home or office premises but you must be aware of the technique and functioning of both the types. It will help you understand the technical fault in case of any failure, and also in switching the alarm off whenever you are cooking food in the kitchen.

Vehicle Fleet Tracking Ensures Driver Safety and Efficiency

When mobile workforce tracking technology was first installed by companies supplying many small but time critical deliveries or running large fleet, many employees felt that vehicle tracking was an invasion of privacy. There was a feeling that fleet tracking devices would be used to create excessive work schedules and other time-based restrictions.

Even though companies have a legal right to install a GPS vehicle tracking system in their entire fleet, it was considered that it would be used by fleet managers to place pressure by constant interference and harassment, rather than being in contact when reasonably expected.

A key reason to install real time tracking is so that fleet managers can work with their vehicle drivers and other mobile staff in the field to help make their daily operations run more smoothly and efficiently. Traffic and weather conditions, delivery instructions, timing schedules can all be subject to sudden changes, including unforeseen occurrences.

Commercial vehicle tracking enables instant response and decision making to ensure a next best solution can be deployed with the minimum of costly delay.

Typical everyday requirements for a mobile workforce solution can be matching busy schedules with nearest available service personnel to a new or changed location. Where previously, only a telephone option could be used, now a vehicle tracker can enable all vehicles to be shown on screen with all necessary accompanying data relating to nearest vehicles, quickest routes and times, etc

Not least is the issue of ensuring driver and cargo safety and security. Issues of an Employers Duty of Care will invariably include being in touch and aware of driving behaviour and attitude, minor incidents and more serious accidents. Additional Health & Safety considerations can also relate to stopovers or long distant journeys, unfamiliar routes, parking areas and final destinations.

Mobile workforce tracking, having been established and proven to be a major asset to streamlining everyday work efficiency for both employer and driver, is now not only accepted but positively embraced by fleet workforces as being a key contribution to significantly improving their daily work schedules.