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Safety and Security – Second Basic Human Need

Under Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety and security ranks as the second need of a human. There are many different views and perceptions that constitutes with the word Security itself. A human perception about security could range from security of body, employment, resources, morality, family, health down to security of one’s property. Security is the need to feel safe and to feel assured in any problems that may occur along the way.

Most people interpret being stable and secured by having lots of money in the bank, having or acquiring many land properties as they could, saving for a retirement program and investing on personal and family health insurances. Some others manifest their security by having a secure, good compensation job, having a well nurtured and healthy family, having a house of their own and a dependable car. Spiritual and cultural factors can also contribute to one’s security needs such as by having complete faith, self dignity and integrity; and living in a safe and guarded community near with relatives, known peers and family.

Both positive and negative factors play a big role in attaining self-security. People who have a high need of security can be easily affected due to unperceived and sudden changes to their livelihood, career and self-esteem. People tend to be fearful and overly cautious and that will keep them from not functioning well in times of crisis. Positive aspects on the other hand would endeavor optimistic goals for one self that would lead to a feeling of contentment, balance, and secured to whatever might happen. Different people should meet their own security needs in various ways whether how simple or complicated it is in order to be free from the threat of physical and emotional harm. Once their needs are met, they will come in a state of balance, stability and a sense of self-fulfillment.

Visa, Safety and Flight Tips for Tourists to Australia

Australia is replete with tourist delights and attractions – be it natural splendours or contemporary lures.

The incredible deserts, the brilliant beaches, the charming coral reefs and the lush green forests intermingle with some of the world’s finest architectural marvels, pulsating nightlife and super shopping options to create a holiday destination that is very hard to beat! Britons constitute the major portion of the tourists who book flight tickets to Australia as cities such as Sydney, Perth, Cairns and Melbourne are incredibly popular with them.

The popularity of Australia among Britons warrants that travellers remain well versed with different aspects of travelling to the country.

Entry Requirements

Visa Britons do need a visa to travel to Australia. There are two types of electronic visitor visas available to the British citizens who intend to travel to Australia – eVisitor Visa and Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

eVisitor Visa requires no application charge or service fee, and can be obtained directly from the Department of Immigration & Citizenship. ETA can be applied through travel agents or airlines, and requires a service fee of A$20.

Passport Validity- Australia does not have any minimum passport validity requirement, but those travellers who plan an onward journey to other countries in the region must check the passport validity policies of those countries.

Safety and Security Tips

Crime- Crime against foreign tourists is not unheard of in Australia. Travellers must take appropriate safety measures to ensure a peaceful stay in the region. Always take care of your valuable possessions and important travel documents like passport. Opt for a hotel room that features a safe as it allows you to keep your valuable belongings secure.

Certain tourist spots in popular holiday cities like Sydney, Perth, Cairns and Melbourne are most susceptible to crime against holiday makers. Avoid travelling at night and follow fundamental safety measures.

Beach Safety- The beaches in Australia are popular as surfing spots. However, the beaches here have witnessed a string of surfing accidents. Holiday makers are advised to follow basic precautions while indulging themselves.

Always swim between the red and yellow flags. These flags indicate a stretch that is supervised by life guards. You should also avoid going for a swim after consuming alcohol or drugs.

Flight Information- No airline offers direct flights to Australia from the UK as the distance is too huge to be covered in a single stretch. However, a good number of carriers offer hopping and indirect flights. Qantas, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, Royal Brunei, Singapore Airline and Emirates are some great choices for flying indirect to Australia. Royal Brunei is also popular for offering cheap tickets.

Baggage allowance for most airlines is similar, while Qantas and Emirates are the ones that offer A380 flying experience to the passengers

Going The Extra Mile For Safety and Security

You always hear people talking about the good old days, when everyone can leave their car doors unlocked outdoors or their bikes in the yard, and their doors unlocked the whole night through, and there will never be anything untoward that will happen. If you actually remember these good old days, then it is without a doubt a huge shock to you any time there is a big crime being committed in your area, or even just any time that it feels unsafe in your area. A lot of people, however, no longer seem to remember that carefree time, and have always taken measures to stay safe, mainly by ensuring that all doors are locked at all times and even installing security systems that will prevent anyone from breaking and entering.

No one can say that this is all just brought about by paranoia anymore. We all know that we live in different times, which require us to be a lot more careful and intelligent about what we’re doing, leaving no room for carelessness. News of heinous crimes being committed not just outside of but also in people’s own homes are rampant, generating more worry and concern.

So that’s why it is definitely a good idea to invest more in equipment and items that will be much more effective in protecting you, your loved ones, and your property. It’s no longer enough to just rely on the lock on your doorknob. Most homes have two locks on every door, but it’s generally advisable to install a very strong deadbolt lock for added security. A deadbolt lock will make it difficult for anyone to gain entry into your home, even more so if you opt for a biometric deadbolt lock.

You should also look into having security alarm systems installed in your home, one that will not just alert you when someone is breaking and entering, but will also alert authorities or a facility that will respond to the alarm and notify the police. This makes it easy for you to have the authorities at your home almost instantly without tipping off the burglars that they are on their way.

With your home secured, you should also keep your valuables safe at the same time. Jewelry, important documents, and other valuables should be stored in a good, strong safe, and biometric gun safes are your friend if you have a weapon on hand that you only want yourself to access, keeping it away from unwanted hands. Such methods help you take extra measures towards keeping your home secure, but you also shouldn’t forget to remind everyone in your household the basics, from making sure the doors are locked at all times, that they shouldn’t let strangers in, and that they don’t share your address with people they don’t know.