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Do You Know Of This Secret Place Where There Is Safety And Security?

Have you ever wanted a secret place where you can rest and be safe and at peace? Have you ever wished there was a bolt hole where you just knew you would be all right? Have you ever longed for somewhere where you knew you could be secure?

There is a secret place in God, where we can rest. We read all about it in Psalm 91.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. There is a condition, but it is simple and uncomplicated. Anyone can come here and anyone can enjoy all that God has to offer. We can experience God’s Rest – God’s Peace – God’s Richest Blessings – through Jesus Christ. He is the door into the secret place. He gives us the access.

‘Rest’ here is the word used for a place where we can spend the night. When we are made fun of – ridiculed – mocked – persecuted – put under some kind of pressure because of our faith in Jesus Christ – one of the best things to do is rest in Jesus.

Tell Jesus what is happening. He is always ready and willing to listen.

Being able to do all this depends upon dwelling in the shelter – or the secret place of the Most High God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It is dwelling – abiding in Christ – remaining and receiving that rest – that strength – that comfort – that refreshing. This is really a call – an invitation – to live in close fellowship with God. Aim to have an intimate relationship with God.

There are times when it appears that everything is unleashed against you to keep you out of ‘the secret place’ – the place of prayer. It can be such a battle.

Remember there is an enemy who does not want you to meet with God, and he will do all he can to prevent God from meeting with you. He does not want God and you to meet and certainly not on a regular basis.

In the secret place we are instructed – taught – corrected – cleansed – loved – reassured – built up – comforted – enlightened – so much can happen in the secret place. That is why the enemy would do everything to keep you out.

The secret place can be anywhere, but it must be somewhere. It can be any time, but there must be a set time – a time set aside. Jesus knew the importance of the secret place – that hour in the early morning when He went to pray.

No matter who you are whether rich or poor – learned or unlearned – young or old – you can rest in God you can dwell in Christ, and God is so willing to welcome us.

What a privilege – beyond the veil – right into the very presence of our creator God. I don’t think people realise fully what they are being offered.

Know where to go and know to whom you are speaking in the secret place. Expect Him to speak with you – and lead you – and comfort you – and show you how He wants you to serve and witness and obey His Word.

When the heat is on here is ample shade. “Come to ME all who are heavy laden and I will give you REST.”

What are we to say when we go into the secret place? Verse 2 teaches us and helps us – “I will say of the Lord”. It is so very personal – and we can dare to be bold and courageous. “He is my refuge and my fortress – my God in whom I trust.”

Our God will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.

We can be as foolish at times as little birds, becoming caught, ensnared and trapped. God wants to keep us from these. He wants to prevent us from having to experience these pains.

He will cover you with feathers – what security – what assurance – what total safety. This is where we find safety – “under His wings”. If this was not God’s Word and been invented by an uninspired man, this could be regarded as blasphemy.

There was that day when Jesus looked over the city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives – and He had wanted to gather that people under His protective wings – but they would not come. How sad – and how they have suffered over these past 2,000 years. Jesus was on His way to Calvary and the Cross but His longing was to rescue these people in Jerusalem and protect and shield them – but they would not come to Him.

Have you come to Him? How close are you? Do you know Him – really know Him – and is He your shield and hiding place?

Do it Yourself Home Alarm Systems – Provide Your Home With Comfort and Security

For comfort and security home alarm is important, and one of the options is securing yourself with do it yourself home alarm systems. No more useless anxieties at night listening to every sound or wondering if the house is safe when you are at work. With the new DIY alarms you can have security, protection and peace of mind.

The new and improved home alarms that you can install by yourself can be as simple as a few alarms on the doors and windows in every room and outside areas of your home. The best news is that you can do it yourself and save money. The do it yourself alarm systems come with easy to understand, step by step directions. If you have the necessary materials equipment and the technical support recommended you have the easiest way in installing it.

Do it yourself Home alarm systems only require a small amount of investment to purchase the program you want. No fees to worry, no other costs. Programs and materials are already provided when you install your do it yourself home alarm system.

Two things most people never think about when they consider do it yourself home alarms is that they may save on their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy and they can take the DIY alarm when they move.

The alarms work in different ways. First line of defense is noise, the burglar likes to work quietly and not attract attention. There are two kinds of noise; the irritable ear piercing noise and the dog’s bark. Light is the second defense. Burglars like to crawl unnoticed in the dark. Security lightnings around the premises help. When there are movements in the area of your residence.

Do it yourself home alarm are often unmonitored systems that have traditional features such as a siren that sounds. This siren loud sound is tripped on a door or a window. They generally fit into the door jam and are tripped if there is an intrusion. Some of these newer systems function are added as supplements to existing systems.

The most common situation now a days when the burglar strikes is open windows garage doors and everything that security is uncertain. There must be a secured way for your property to be safe, the do it yourself alarm system not only provides safety and security but a warning for those homeowners when the burglar strikes again.

There are many types of do it yourself alarm systems but consumers must research for what fits them. What kind of alarm will they want what kind of safety will they have and the assurance of the components does the do it yourself home alarm system. Quality affordability durability security and safety are the considerations in having a do it yourself alarm systems.

Outdoor Post Lights For Safety and Security

Streets and highways in nearly every residential area and city are safer to drive, bike or walk on due to outdoor post lights. Homes and businesses are not overshadowed by darkness simply by the installation of an outdoor post light for security. Although the pole light is also used for landscape lighting purposes, most people think of safety lighting when they think of outdoor post lights.

The outdoor post light is often installed by the local utility company in many neighborhoods. These companies will often install them for homeowners for a nominal monthly fee. Homeowners can also purchase dusk to dawn security lights at their local home improvement store and install them on an outdoor pole without the need to contact the utility company.

Outdoor landscape lights for security purposes don’t have to be bland utility fixtures, there are many decorative options. Homeowners can choose to have ornately designed poles installed for the lighting to keep their yard from looking generic and cold.

Placement of the outdoor security light is important to ensure that visibility in the darkness is in the necessary areas without being a blinding light to the neighbors or the people in the house. If dusk-to-dawn brightness is wanted near the house for security reasons, a better option would be a motion detector light. This keeps the light from being a nuisance to people in the house but alerts them if someone is near the house.

The best placement for utility size outdoor landscape lights is in remote corners of the yard that are typically extremely dark. This could be more than one location, such as the front and back yard corners or any area where more light is desired at night.

The importance of having outdoor security lighting is continually stressed by law enforcement. It has been proven time and again that would-be intruders do not like homes that are well lit. They prefer to remain hidden in the shadows. This is why utility companies typically install roadside outdoor lights in cul-de-sacs and neighborhoods.

Outdoor lights for security are typically not designed to be ornamental, although they can. They serve an important function in providing homeowners with a sense of safety and security. All homes should have an outdoor security light regardless of any other landscape lights they plan to install.