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Safety and Security – Learning to Deal With Not Having Any

So, have you ever wondered what in the world am I going to do? I have secured my home with locks on all the doors and windows. Yet, for some reason I don’t feel secure. People some times even let locks go unfixed, why? Because they feel secure, so what is the difference. Maybe it is because of what I have seen. Maybe it is because of where I live. I really am not sure.

I have wondered often what makes a person feel secure. Is it the neighborhood? Maybe it is the confidence they have in themselves. Whatever the reason, are they really secure? I wonder how I can get more people aware of what real security is. Is the lack of security really confidence in their abilities or the neighborhood where they live? I think it all boils down to money. People wish they could put up the security cameras and motion detectors with alarms. But like most people they don’t have the know how to put in things of that nature themselves. They also know that the security companies out there that advertise in there face all the time charge a monthly fee.

So, what are you going to do? People seem to being dying more in the streets of the USA then they are in Iraq. The economy has hit the skids, people are becoming desperate to keep their lights on and their heat on. So what are you going to do? I will tell you what I did. I took the bull by the horns. I decided that if I want to feel secure with a nice camera and alarm system that I can monitor anytime and anywhere. I am going to get them and sell them, in the process I will get my own system. It helps with the insecure feeling. It takes a load off knowing my family is protected not only with a detection system but tasers and stun guns to drop an arrogant intruder as well. The cool thing is knowing my kids are even safe from the ignorance of weapons as well. The initial shock might hurt but it won’t kill. I have taught my kids to use these weapons. They refuse to try them on themselves so I believe they understand.

Lets talk about what security really is. It is more than all the things I have mentioned so far. Security also includes educating your loved ones. What if you are like most people and really don’t have the education yourself? Then what do you do? I understand that everyone has a basic understanding of what security is. Yet, with a little education of what it means to defend yourself can go a long way. What I learned in the corps was just a start. There are real fighters out there that can put this forty year old marine down with a snap. I learned a lot from just such a gentleman.

His name is Christophe Clugston, I learned from this expert how to defend myself in a whole new way. Don’t let the hype of the Hollywood movies fool you. Karate isn’t what you think. Christophe’s article this past week can give you an insight on that. Just Google his name you’ll find it. He truly can teach everyone a new way of protecting themselves.

Again, what are you going to do? The thieves out there are doing there homework. They case out the target before they hit. All of them do. Whether it is a person or a place. The checking out what goes on first. What if you look harmless but have the education of security and self defense? Either during the checking out period or the actual meeting, sooner or later the bad guy will find out. Your not so harmless.

I have been told recently that people are bored. They also are bomb barded with advertising all the time. Some 1300 different pitches go buy your face in a days time. Wow, that is a lot to digest. It probably is why most ignore all. So, how can I pound it in your head that your security is in danger. You need to learn to protect yourself. Look what happened in the after math of Katrina in ’05. People could have weathered that thing a whole lot better if they were prepared. Whether it was for the storm itself or the thieves afterward. Either way people would’ve fared better. Get to it people, stop putting off what can be so easy to fix.

Security Companies and Security Consultation

Security Consultations make the difference between security companies that businesses might hire for the safety and security of their goods, facilities and employees. A company that is providing excellent services will employ well educated and experienced consultants, who will look at facilities and existing security plans and client expectations and create a comprehensive safety and security plan. The security plan will include a security assessment, recommendations, training manual for the guards and employees, customized post orders, emergency plan and much more.

A business hires consultants and security companies protecting the most important assets of their business. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire the right company. A company that does not offer consultations and does not employ security consultants with the necessary education and credentials will not be the right company. Every aspect of the security plan must be overseen by a security consultant that has experience and credentials, because in the worst case scenario the right preparation might make the difference between life and death. In a region where natural disasters reoccur frequently and crime statistics are rising it is extremely important for businesses to partner with the right company.

In my experience as a security specialist I have met with business owners and business managers that hire security companies strictly by price or proximity to their business. That would be a big mistake, because most of the time the companies that offer the lowest price do not provide security consultations. That means they are not training their own staff and the staff of their clients appropriately. In case of a disaster or an emergency they will not be prepared to meet the challenges of the situation.

Recently a security guard was shot while providing services at an apartment building in Santa Ana. The security guard had complained to his supervisors numerous times about gang members harassing and threatening him. He had also asked for a second security guard, but the security company he worked for did not take the threats serious. Not only did the security company put their employee in harms way, but they also created a huge liability for their client.

A security company with experienced and knowledgeable consultants would have recommended a second guard and an armed guard. Additionally, they would have refused to put their employee in harms way if the client refused to follow their recommendation. Choosing the right security company and the right consultant will ensure that officers perform their job according to customized post orders and customer expectations. It will ensure that guards are well trained and prepared. The minimal additional expense will be well worth the better service and lower risk.

An Outdoor Dog Kennel Can Keep Your Dogs Safe and Secure

Taking care of a dog is hard, taxing work. You have to regularly bathe the dog, keep it up to date on all of its health requirements, make sure it has plenty of food and water at all times. You also must give your dog an appropriate place to run around and get its exercise. The best solution is a daily walk with your dog, but having a safe area for him to run in ensures his needs are met if your time is short.While all of this can be difficult enough if you have enough room on your property, it can be even more problematic if your land is far too small to accommodate your dog.

Furthermore, just because you have enough land does not mean you will be able keep your dogs outdoor all of the time, as wild animals could end up invading your dog’s space during the night. If you want to make your life easier as a dog owner, then purchasing and building an outdoor dog kennel is a must. The outdoor dog kennel is an excellent addition to your home if you find that there is not much space in your yard, if you live in an area populated by wild animals like wolves and raccoons or if you own multiple dogs and need a place for them all to reside.

The outdoor dog kennel is primarily constructed of concrete and fencing. This simple design allows you to keep your dogs of any size tucked neatly into the structure to prevent them from running of or being attacked while you are not watching them. Furthermore, if you own more than a few dogs, in various neighborhoods, there may be local ordinances requiring you build an outdoor dog kennel to house them.

For the most part, an outdoor dog kennel is not an expensive structure, but it should provide your dogs with enough space, safety and security to keep your dogs happy, healthy and safe. If you care about your animals’ well being, then an outdoor dog kennel is definitely a good investment.