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5 Tips for Increasing Your Level of Safety and Self-Defense in These Uncertain Times

Everywhere it seems, people share their concerns about “what the world has come to.” With battles raging both across the sea in far-off lands and here on our own streets, it seems that more and more people are looking to the government to make them more safe and secure.

This, however, is the wrong place to be looking. As harsh as it sounds, when it comes to self-defense and so-called “homeland security,” the responsibility for personal security and safety rests with the individual – not with the government.

While we, as citizens, can do little more than show our support for the thousands of troops fighting our country’s many battles around the world, each of us can take a more proactive role in dealing with the hostilities and assaults that are going on all around us right here at home.

Here’s a list of 5 tips for anyone who wants to make themselves more safe and secure, regardless of whether they’re traveling or staying at home. This list is part of the “10 Tips for Increasing Your Level of Safety and Self-Defense”, available from Warrior Concepts International’s website.

Tips for Increasing Your Ability to Survive Danger

1. Acknowledge that danger exists in your world and has the potential of touching you or someone that you care about. Ignorance, when it comes to avoiding and escaping from danger, is not bliss.

2. Stay informed about the types of dangers, including criminal activity, prevalent in areas where you find yourself. Knowing what you’re most likely to face is the first step to being able to handle it should it happen.

3. Establish multiple routes to and from the places you frequent most. As a minimum, everyone should have at least two routes to and from home and work. This makes it more difficult for you to be pinned down by someone who knows your routine.

4. Acknowledge that it’s your responsibility, not that of the police, to keep yourself safe. As a former police officer I know that the police cannot keep you safe from anyone who truly wants to harm you. Realize that you, and you alone, will be the first one “on the scene” of the assault or other danger and responsible for dealing with the attack.

5. Learn a few tactics for effectively avoiding or escaping from danger that do not require physically fighting with your assailant. There are some very good books and videos available, like “Danger Prevention Tactics: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro,” that can provide professional advice you can use to keep yourself more safe and secure.

In Today’s often violent world, self-defense is no longer a choice – it’s a responsibility. Accepting the reality that, with the addition of terrorism to the ever-present threat of gang activity, drug wars, and the myriad of other crimes of violence, it’s each person’s responsibility to be personally capable of defending themselves should that need arise.

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The Best Ways to Stay Safe and Secure in 2010

New Year’s resolutions have become somewhat passe in recent years mostly because people make them and in just a few weeks break them by forgetting about them all together. There are some decisions however that you should make and stick to as long as you can. These include:

Decisions about Your Health

Number one in priority is to make wise decisions about your health. The advice from your doctor is important: lose weight, exercise, eat right and pay attention to risks that are higher in your family medical history. You can catch small things before they turn into big medical issues by using these methods. In so doing, you can keep your medical costs lower, too.

Decisions about Your Money

The economy has been brutal on personal finances in the past 18 months or so. Now that things appear to be turning around, take this time to get your finances in order. Make a budget and stick to it. Pay off high interest loans like credit cards and learn to live on what you bring home in your paycheck. Reduce expenses as much as you can. Don’t stop saving or investing – keep doing it even if it is just $10 per month.

Decisions about Your Life

Important decisions about where you live, raise a family and work are important and can have a big impact on the two decisions above. Choose happiness and contentment over a strong drive to obtain more and more things.

Decisions about Your Safety and Security

There are some practical things you can do in helping to insure your safety and security. Make sure your home is secure. Even if it is a rental, make sure that the door locks are of good quality and that you checked them to make sure they are installed correctly and are not badly worn.

If you own your own home, you might consider an alarm system. Though these units vary in complexity and price, they can provide a measure of security just knowing that they are there if you ever need them. A monitored system is preferable over a passive one.

Add a GPS Tracking device to your vehicle. These units can help you in two ways: first, you can save money on your insurance premiums and second, they can provide peace of mind knowing that if your vehicle is ever stolen, you can get it back quickly. And, don’t forget that you can monitor the use of your vehicle with these devices as well.

You might find yourself the target of those who scoff at your “over-sensitivity” to security issues but one thing remains clear: You have to answer to no one but yourself about your safety and security. The amount that you choose to employ in your life is your business – not the business of others.

A Unique Option For Your IRA Or 401(K) – Run to Safety and Security

Gain and Retain, now that is an interesting investment option. How would you like to have the option of only gaining and never losing money? It’s not every day that you find the opportunity for potential growth with true safety in the same financial vehicle.

Normally investors are provided one of two choices, either they give up safety in exchange for a greater potential for growth or they accept less growth in exchange for a higher level of safety. Thanks to an innovation in the insurance industry, you can have the potential high returns available in the stock market and the security of a guarantee, these unique products are called Equity Linked Indexed Annuities.

Equity linked index annuities are solid choices for investors seeking safety in a low interest rate period volatile financial market. They work like this, your return (or amount credited) is based on the increase of a stock or equity index, such as the Standard and Pour’s Stock 500 Index or the Dow Jones Industrial Average If stocks increase, you could benefit from that increase but if stocks fall, you retain your position. You only can do one of two things: Gain or Retain.

Your investment funds in an IRA or 401 (k) would also return the same crediting rate if they were inside of an Equity Linked Indexed Annuity. The IRS allows for these products to be used in retirement accounts. This safety of principal will guarantee you will never lose money nor will your account ever be exposed to risk or loss.

The question which will come to mind is how does an insurance company provide such a product? The answer is simple; most charge a fee which is taken out of part of your crediting. An example could be, your annuity returned 10% and the fee to provide the product is 2%, your net yield would be 8%. But is your account does not Gain, no fee is charged. Your original funds remain intact and are not reduced in value.

Gain or Retain!

Insurance companies offer a wide range of products in this category and many of them do not charge any fee at all. Instead they limit the gross yield available o you. In this scenario, let’s pretend your crediting rate was 10% but the annuity had a cap of 9%, your return would be 9% and no fee would be subtracted. Once again, if the market fell, you do not participate.

The most dynamic feature in Equity Linked Indexed Annuities is the annual Guarantee Reset. This means that each year, whatever gain you have enjoyed by the anniversary of the annuity is now fully locked in and becomes part of the guarantee. Assuming a deposit of $100,000 grows to $110,000 at the end of the first year, that is now your guaranteed minimum. Your funds can never be less that the annual reset guarantee.

Gain or Retain: Consider this safety option when considering the importance of your retirement accounts.

Disclaimer: Due to the complex nature of retirement planning in general, always make certain you obtain proper planning and fully understand how any financial product you may be considering would affect your retirement plans.