Safety and Security on Your South Africa Holiday

Visiting a foreign country always has an element of uncertainty and wariness involved, particularly when visiting developing countries where most of the resident population live below the poverty line. It is sad, though, to let these worries put you off exploring a new country or, once there, it could really spoil your enjoyment of your South Africa trip. The main advice is to be vigilant, listen to local advice and not take any unnecessary risks. Having years of experience in travel to South Africa we’ve come up with some pointers to consider while you are there. This advice is mainly aimed at the larger cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria and Port Elizabeth where petty crime is more common.

What to wear and how to get around

When considering that most of the population in South Africa live well below the poverty line it’s important that one considers how to dress appropriately. It’s recommended that when walking around during the day, particularly in the larger cities, that you try not to wear flashy clothing and expensive jewellery. At night we it’s safer to drive from your accommodation to restaurants and bars for dinner and evening entertainment. If you don’t feel up to navigating the streets at night, all of the main towns and cities will have a reputable taxi firm that can be suggested to you by your guest house on your South Africa trip.

Safety and Security in the car

There are a couple of basic things to remember when driving around on you South Africa holiday. The general rule is that if you’re driving in or through big cities you should lock all the car doors. You should always make sure that anything that is valuable is kept out of sight, and when stopping at traffic lights (locally known as Robots) it’s advised to have all windows up. At most of the big traffic light intersections in cities like Cape Town you’ll generally find people either begging or selling various assortments of wares, from coat hangers to various different types of arts and crafts. Generally it is advised not to buy anything here, and if you do, make sure that your valuables such as wallets and mobile phones, are out of sight.

When leaving your car parked anywhere it’s important to make sure that you take all valuables along with you. Anything you don’t want to take along, for example a pair of shoes or a jacket, you should only leave them behind in a covered boot.

Keeping Important Documents safe and secure

It’s advisable to make copies of all important documents such as passports and drivers licences. Photocopies ought to be left with relatives at home and copies should be taken with you and perhaps left in different pieces of luggage at your guest house. Most hotels and guesthouses in larger towns will also have either a safe in the bedrooms or at the reception desk.

Keeping your belongings safe and secure while exploring

While you are sightseeing in South Africa during the day it is important to think about what you will carry your belongings around in. Handbags are not advised as are generally easy to snatch off the shoulder, or pickpocket. Although useful, rucksack pockets are easily accessible and make for easy targets. Decent sized side-satchels are generally the better bag to have with you as they’re not so easy to get into without you noticing. It’s a good idea to make sure that you can see your bag or have across your shoulders while sat in public areas. It is always advisable to leave your valuables in a secure place at your guesthouse (most will provide a safe), and only take as much cash out with you as you will need on the day.

Lastly, do not let fears about safety stop you from planning a trip to South Africa, follow these simple tips and have a great time!

Safety and Security – The Biometric Door Lock Guarantee

With the rapid advancement of technology, there is always something new in almost everything we see. Door locks are not an exception. The latest technology in door locks uses biometrics as a means of getting access. With biometric door locks increasing in popularity, it won’t be long enough before we no longer see door keys, padlocks and chains used to secure doors.

A biometric door lock is a state-of-the-art security system that uses personalized human features to permit access. With biometrics, access can be granted through voice recognition, oral scan, full face scan, fingerprint, and hand scan. It provides a lot of ease in terms of opening doors. No need to use keys, PIN codes, magnetic swipe cards, etc. You can open the biometric door lock with just a touch of your hand, a fingerprint, or merely the sound of your voice.

With biometric access control used for doors, rooms are a lot more secure. Since personal features are programmed in a biometric lock, only authorized personnel can have access to the rooms. This prevents unauthorized access which can result in lost or tampering of important materials kept within the room.

The biometric lock is already used in most establishments such as public and private offices, schools, libraries, laboratories, and even in private residences. The use of biometric access control is today’s most secure locking system available. Biometric locks can also be programmed to permit or deny access for a certain period of time through a biometric access control system. Through a biometric access control system, doors can be programmed to grant access during office hours and deny access after office hours.

Aside from door locks, biometric technology is also being used in laptops, desktop computers, safety boxes, and gun safe boxes. Aside from the fact that biometric access control is the safest and most secure locking system available today, it also provides a lot of convenience in terms of access. Its style also adds elegance to the buildings, laptops, and safety boxes.

If you are looking to install a biometric lock, you can search suppliers online. You can always ask them to help you out with your biometric needs. You should also compare the prices among suppliers to be able to get the best buy biometric door lock available. They may cost higher than ordinary locking systems but all the benefits that you can enjoy with biometric access control make it all worth it.

A Gun Vault For Safety, Convenience and Security

In today’s world, it is absolutely imperative that gun owners have a strong, secure easy-to-access gun safe. Not only does a safe keep your precious firearms safe and secure, they also provide a peace of mind. Knowing your firearms are safe at your home or work place is the first step to owning a gun collection of any kind. Vaults give you the versatility of keeping your firearms ready to go, when you need them.

Organization is key when it comes to fast deployment of firearms – the only way to achieve this is with a safe. Do not compromise the safety and security of your firearms, invest in a gun vault that will last you a life time. Remember, Gun safes are not only for firearms. They can also store other precious goods and valuables such as jewelry, passports, money, important documents and more.

Vaults or safes are extremely high and durable, making them thief proof. If you have kids, you need a gun vault. The only way to ensure your children’s safety is to store your firearms properly. You can achieve this goal with buying a safe, secure, reliable gun vault. For hunters, keep your valuables stored at your hunt camp while you’re away. Don’t be vulnerable to theft use a solid and secure vault.

The investment in a gun vault will pay for itself, knowing your valuables are safe and secure is a priceless commodity. Home, cottage, work there is NO excuse for not having a gun safe. A little investment for a lifetime of security. Don’t be a victim, buy a gun safe.