Office Precaution and Security Package – An Overview of Safety Technology – That is Overdue

Attempting to be objective in putting together a product review of employment site safety package is a bit overwhelming. There are so many individual items to choose from and in looking at the World Wide Web one sees many companies offering many individual safety products and some combination of safety products put together.

The whole purpose is employee and employer safety at the workplace. This to provide employers the power to be in control of their businesses when placed in a precarious criminal situations.

Are there good combination safety products available and should employers actually purchase them? Having handled many off these items over the years, they are securely made and mostly assembled in China. Today it’s difficult to find any items not made in China.

My research indicates that most small businesses have less than five employees and many only have one employee doing everything. The fact is, most employers are not prepared for future criminal situations.

Employers tend to become anxious, uneasy, worried, fearful and hesitant to perform preventive crime strategies for the daily work week routine. However, one criminal event in turn can easily alter the employer and employee’ s lives significantly, if they are not properly prepared.

Safety Security Package Products provide the average employer with the comfort and self-confidence that is needed in order to defend and protect employers and their employees in life threatening situations. At the end of the work day these examined self-defense products allow an employer to feel safe now or totally secure.

To the credit of many companies offering products there are videos that shows the consumer each product and how to use each device. Employers should look for assurance that the level of guarantee that a security system will behave as expected from protection bundles specifically structured, to make the employer’s office a safe working environment. I know from talking with many employers in the United States what employers want and expect from self-defense products. Something that is reasonably priced and works well in the office working environment-They want “Peace of mind.”

Thefts in the workplace is a major problem in the United States today. Any office crime prevention package should provide a wall clock hidden camera, or similar item, with built in DVR. A motion sensitive surveillance system would catch criminal activities throughout the day and night with a system like this. The Police Department and the Court System loves having video which helps them in the Criminal Judicial Process.

A second good idea is having an auto dialer alarm. These devices work on motion detection and are mostly used after hours to detect anyone within the inside the employer’s building. The neat thing about this is when activated it can now dial up to seven different telephone numbers, including the Police Department alerting them to the fact that the criminals are inside the business establishment.

For employers another nifty idea is what is known as a dummy camera. Although they look real and have a red lights flashing in them they are not real cameras, but they do curb crime as a deterrent. People believe they are being videoed.

Both employers and employees need some personal protection against criminals and this can be provided by having personal safety with pepper spray. Both 2 oz. and 4 oz. pepper spray is easily held in the palm of your hand and when activated can shoot out a spray approximately 4 to 10 feet into the face of the criminal. This incapacitates some individuals from five minutes to 40 minutes, allowing plenty of time to get away and call for help.

Any good safety package needs well written instructional manuals with detailed instructions for each product in the package. I highly recommend a safety package that includes a comprehensive and easily understood DVD that demonstrates each product for both the employer or the employees.

Any Crime Prevention Package should include a Products Instructional Manual. In my opinion all batteries should be included.

The following six areas critical to employers should be covered with comprehensive suggestions:

1. Steps To A Safer Office

2. How To Create A Safe Working Environment

3. How To Develop & Implement Emergency Plans

4. How To Protect Confidential Information

5. Theft Protection

6. What You Need To Know About Discrimination and Harassment

But those who do want a safer work environment from a practical standpoint the above-mentioned products is what is needed. The Instructional DVD Video is quite unique and highly informative. On the DVD Video each product is appropriately demonstrated for you.

Thus, the quickest way for any employer or employee to learn to use the safety products mentioned above is to read the reports and watch the DVD Video. This all can take place within ninety minutes.

Any employer’s assurance is the level of guarantee that a crime prevention system will behave as expected for protection. Packages are difficult to rate the cost, since there are very few companies in the market to compare them with. However, if an employer would purchase each of the products individually, it would prove more costly ($40-$100). By purchasing a good safety and assurance package is the level of guarantee that a security system will behave as expected when needed for protection. Combination Package would be a better deal for the employer, saving them hard-earned-money.

Most employers do not need to purchase the more costly big-name expensive brands!

Motorcycle Storage Bags – Safety And Security Uniquely And Creatively Designed

Whether you may be considering purchasing a motorcycle, or perhaps you have already invested in a Harley, motorcycle storage bags have become a necessity these days considering we have had the worst weather in history. So too, you may not have a garage to store your motorcycle, so that utilization of a storage bag is warranted.

There are many varieties of sturdy motorcycle storage bags you can consider. If you live in the city, a storage bag may be just what you need. Most of these bags are made of steel with a zippered front and rear. Included is an anchor to stabilize the bag and keep it in place. These motorcycle storage bags are affordable the prices vary according to the size you require.

Certainly, a motorcycle is quite an investment therefore you want to ensure that it is being properly maintained throughout the year. Most insurance companies will ask if your motorcycle is garaged. If it isn’t, the insurance premium may be a bit higher. Protecting the motorcycle from rust and other factors will not only extend its longevity, but keep it in tip top shape throughout the year.

Before utilizing a motorcycle storage bag, you may want to make a check-list for storing it during the winter months:

* Make sure it is clean

* Use wooden blanks upon which you place the motorcycle

* Drain the gas from the tank

* Look for any leaks that may cause corrosion

* Take out the battery

* Ensure all intricate parts are free from debris

In addition to motorcycle storage bags, you can also check out sheds as well as garage units which are portable and easy to assemble. If you do own a home, you can just as easily store the motorcycle in a storage bag in the garage. This will be a double guarantee that the elements will not cause any damage to the bike.

With the economy in a state of flux and gas prices surging, anything you can do to avoid incurring additional expenses relating to your motorcycle is warranted. If you’ve like to purchase a motorcycle storage bag, you can research the many varieties online to determine which one is best suited for your bike. Make a list of bags, then compare and contrast their features.

Think of it this way, the money you invest in a motorcycle storage bag now can save you quite a bit of money in the future.

Safety and Security Measures to Prevent House Break-Ins

House break-ins usually occur when nobody is home. So, whether you are going for a brief walk or planning to go on a long vacation, always remember these simple and basic safety and security measures to prevent break-ins into your homes. Prevent break-ins into your homes by assessing its security risks. Be vigilant in noting household practices that have to be changed and weak points that need to be urgently addressed for the safety and security of your homes.

Lock up all your doors with good quality door locks that will prevent burglars from kicking in your doors. Use double deadbolts if it is allowed in your area. For sliding doors, lock it and put a metal rod on the base to make it difficult to open.

Check your windows always! Do not leave it half open even if you are only going out for a brief walk. Secure your windows with grills so that burglars cannot enter easily when they smash the glass and put a mechanism that will prevent windows from raising enough for someone to crawl through.

Keep garden tools and other equipment that can be used to gain entry into your homes out of sight. Thief use these for house break-ins on a regular basis.

Leave your spare key with a trusted neighbor because experienced burglars already know your “secret hiding places”. Your neighbor can keep watch on your house and prevent break-ins.

Illuminate your house and perimeter areas. Using photosensitive bulbs that will automatically go on and off are energy efficient and useful when you are away rather than continuously lit lights that will reveal your absence.

Do not introduce yourself to the community of thieves by painting your name on the mailbox. Getting your telephone number will be easy and they can use it to check if somebody is home.

To prevent house break-ins when you are on vacation, arrange with your mailman and newspaper delivery service to suspend deliveries while you are away. An overflowing mailbox and a yard littered with newspapers are sure indicators that nobody is home.

For a comprehensive list of ideas on how to prevent house break-ins visit InfoZooms.