Caravan Insurance – Safety and Security Top Tips

This article will offer you some great tips with how to best protect your caravan. It almost goes without saying that you should get caravan insurance. You should always remember that your caravan is vulnerable wherever it is, even if you are only stopping briefly in a lay by or perhaps a motorway service station.

It is very, very important to protect it. If you follow the tips I give you below you will have gone a long way to protecting your valuable asset.

- You should definitely fit an Approved Security Device or wheel clamps, alarms and hitchlocks. And use them whenever you can.

- On older caravans, padlock your gas cylinders to fixing clamps so they can’t be stolen. On newer models make sure you keep gas compartments locked. Gas cylinders are an inviting target to a thief.

- Make sure if you choose a storage site that is both secure, and meets your insurers definition of a Secure Location. It is not just about price, you may find trying to save a few pounds is false economy if your caravan is stolen.

- Even if it’s just for a few minutes, always, always close and lock doors and windows when you leave your caravan. Thieves really don’t need long to clean out a caravan, and their job is made a lot easier if they don’t have to force their way in.

- Fit a special deadlock to the caravan door, and be sure that you use it. This will stop thieves just smashing a window and turning the door handle to gain entry.

- Remove all personal belongings, documents and contents when the caravan is not in use. Leave the cupboard doors and curtains open, so it is obvious to any potential thief that there is nothing worth stealing.

- Whilst in storage, be sure to remove soft furnishings. These are often stolen to order, especially on older caravans.

- Get a unique number – for instance your CRIS number – etched on to all of your windows. A thief will be less likely to steal a caravan if they have to replace all the windows so as to avoid suspicion.

- Put an easily recognisable sticker or a mark in a hidden place. This will help you to identify your caravan if it is stolen.

- Get a time switch. If it’s unoccupied after dark then having lights on in a caravan will make it look occupied, and will help to deter an opportunist thief.

- You will probably find that jewellery is not covered in your insurance, so make sure you don’t leave any in the caravan.

- Make sure you don’t leave your CRIS documents, or any documentation relating to its purchase in your caravan. You will need these to help prove your ownership of a caravan in the event it is stolen.

Travel Insurance – The Umbrella of Safety and Security

The main idea behind travelling is to unwind oneself with the purity and freshness of exotic locations forgetting all the fret and fever of day-to-day life. For this it is necessary to be free from all kind of anxiety and leave the hassles of routine life into sweet oblivion. But it is always not easy to feel free from tension while you fly from one place to another solely depending on the smooth function a machine.

No sane person also can feel fully secure while carrying expensive luggage and luxurious gadgets with him. Then is there no way out to unleash oneself in a journey and take full delight of holidaying. Definitely there is a way out and that is travel insurance. You can give the responsibility of looking after you, your baggage or beloved ones to someone else if you go for insurance.

It is not the claim of a travel insurance that you and everything attached to you will be hundred per cent safe while travelling. In fact, there is no such agency or entity that can claim to have this capability. But, of course, insurance can help recover the damages done to you during your travel. Meeting physical accidents, losing luggage, cancellation of tour in the middle, and some such other damages are covered by insurance.

Travel insurance is like a small step that ends in big profits. It takes only handful of pounds to go for it. The amount it covers is really big. However, the coverage amount is directly proportionate to the amount one pays to the insurance company. In most of the cases, the paid amount is refunded with a good amount as bonus. In case of occurrence of any damage, the person receives an amount, fairly good enough to recover the loss. Moreover, the mental peace and sense of security it provides during the journey is also really worth the amount one pays.

Learn How to Ensure Safety and Security for Bouncy Castle Riders

When we think about a bouncy castle, we visualize kids jumping on it relentlessly. We generally do not think about grave consequences. But if you are planning for a jumping castle party, you should act responsibly. You should interrogate the operator about their safety practices, certificates and authorizations they possess and should also oversee the inflatable castle riders during the party. Ensuring safety and security for the bounce house users is not a bothersome job, provided you follow some simple instructions and implement best practices. Next time when you go for hiring a bouncy castle hire agency, you should keep in mind these instructions.

  • Keep in mind that the castle should be anchored at least two meters away from sharp substances (e.g. fences etc.). Why this is important? This is because riders may fall of the castle and these sharp objects would intensify their injuries.
  • You must check the trouser pockets and shirt pockets of every kid who is eager to ride the castle so as to ensure that they do not take any sharp object inside the castle. Sharp objects can cause severe injuries.
  • Make certain that children of the same age group ride on the castles. Children of different age groups and height should not be allowed to ride together. It can cause injuries to smaller kids. Some bouncy castle hire agencies put these practices in their agreement terms and conditions.
  • Allowing food and drinks is also not imperative. If the kids eat foods during jumping on inflatable castles, it can choke their esophagus. Some adults want to ride on these castles with glasses and bottles. If these items are broken, it would beget serious accidents and other consequences.
  • You should always oversee the children who use the castles. If any of the kids gets naughty, tell him politely not to do so because it may bring about dangers to himself and the other riders. If the kid still does not pay heed to you, do not hesitate to take him or her out of the castle as because as an adult, it is always your responsibility to make sure that the kids play safely.
  • Strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturers. You are likely to get a complete set of instructions from the jumping castle hire agency from whom you take the castle. If the company does not provide you with a set of guidelines, ask how many kids can ride on the castle they are providing and other details. Remember abrupt deflation is a possible consequence of too many riders using the castle.
  • Riders should not enter the castle wearing spectacles, ring, belt and other pointed accessories.

The general rule of thumb is to hire an inflatable castle which is PIPA or DIPS tested. Some of the bouncy castle hire agencies are active members of the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance. It is always wise to choose a company which is an affiliate of the BIHA.